Your company cars, trucks, lorries, buses, vans, taxis and even milk floats (they’re making a comeback!) are all valuable advertising spaces that can be transformed into eye-catching marketing assets with the right graphics. Known as vehicle signage, this visual marketing approach can reach a localised audience in areas of high footfall or simply boost brand recognition for smaller businesses.

From full wraps to spot graphics, there are a variety of options available for your business. A full wrap covers the majority of your car, truck, lorry, bus or taxi and can feature images and text that promote your business, its services and key messaging. Partial body wraps cover anything from a quarter to three-quarters of your vehicle, and work well on neutral-coloured vehicles. They’re a cost-effective solution and also a great way to try out vehicle branding before investing in a fully-body wrap.

Whether you opt for a partial or full vehicle wrap, the design should be designed to stand out against the background of your chosen vehicle. Bold colours will help your logo and text to catch the eye and be seen, even at red lights or whilst driving along the highway. Big fonts are a must to ensure your message is easily read from both close-up and at high speeds.

Vehicle wraps and graphics can add a whole new dimension to your branding, allowing your brand to be showcased in an original way that’s unique to your company. They can also act as a protective layer for your paintwork, protecting it from small scratches and dents whilst on the go and helping to improve its resale value.

Signs and vehicle wraps are a quick, easy and cost-effective way to get your brand out there, with the potential for a huge impact. With a one-off payment, they can last for years, providing your branding with constant visibility, and save you money on the costs of billboard space or other advertising opportunities.

It’s important that you find a professional vehicle wrapping and graphics installer to apply your vehicle wraps. They will take care to carefully prepare the surface of your vehicle, removing any rust or dents before applying the adhesive. They’ll also take the time to create a design that will be the most effective for your company’s needs, using both your current branding and any future changes to your business identity.

Once your vehicle wrap has been professionally applied, it will be safe to drive in and can be removed when required – without damaging your paintwork. When properly removed, a high-quality vinyl wrap will leave your vehicle’s paint in the same condition as it was before the wrap was installed.